Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My own kitchen table...first refinishing project!

I bought this kitchen table for $20.00 at Value Village and boy was it ugly but it had good bones, nice and solid with great chunky legs.  I knew I could make this one a jem, but of course not everybody could picture my idea like I could.  Then I went on the hunt for chairs and found these babies for $50 on Kijiji...a dark ugly brown with burgandy seats.  The fabric cost the most but I'm in love with it and decided to go all different colors for the seats.  I love burlap and linen and natural looking materials with bright colors and these matched perfectly.  This project with the help of my boyfriend and a few friends took a ton of hard work but the payoff for this incredible table was soooo worth it..  Wouldn't get rid of this one for any amount of money! 


  1. it's beautiful! love the dark top with the white base and i love those chunky legs!

  2. what an awesome find!! great price and you've made it look a million dollars!! well done!!