Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekend projects!!!

Busy busy busy!  Weekends just aren't long enough.  Here are a few projects I worked on this weekend.  I'm getting ready for an upcoming market end of september here in Okotoks.  Not sure how much space I'll have yet but it'll be at All through the house on Elizabeth street sept. 22nd.  Super excited, but running out of time!  I've also added a collection of treasures that I've bought for staging purposes but these items will also be for sale! Please check the furniture/art for sale sections for available items.  Portolio includes items that are already sold, sorry!  And sneak peeks are items that I've bought that I'm working on. ENJOY!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chippy furniture

This is a style that you either love or just don't get.  My dad for example thought some of my peices still needed to be stripped and painted or fixed.  I just laughed and said Dad that's the way they're supposed to be haha!  I love items that are antiqued, sanded, bumped, banged and chipped.  Items like this have the character that I love...the shabby chic style, the rustic look and the chippy furniture are my favorites and it seems as I start my business that this is the way most of my furniture is leaning.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kids chairs have so much charm!

 I found this adorable little kids chair out garage saling a few weeks ago...apparently there was a matching table but someone had already taken it.  Such a unique little peice...cute in purple however just too many layers of paint and not a whole lot of character.  I took it home and was so excited I started to sand instantly.  All those layers of paint took forever, and of course with all the little groves and spindle legs most of it had to be done by hand.  I thought of stripping it completely but I ended up leaving little bits of paint underneath that would show through and add some texture.