Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chippy furniture

This is a style that you either love or just don't get.  My dad for example thought some of my peices still needed to be stripped and painted or fixed.  I just laughed and said Dad that's the way they're supposed to be haha!  I love items that are antiqued, sanded, bumped, banged and chipped.  Items like this have the character that I love...the shabby chic style, the rustic look and the chippy furniture are my favorites and it seems as I start my business that this is the way most of my furniture is leaning.

I bought this little antique chair at an acreage garage sale and just loved the chippy paint so I didn't want to strip it down and paint it, I just wanted to add a little color to make it pop and keep that old, antique feel.  I love the way it turned out.  I added Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue to the entire chair then sanded it down to show the old chippy white and some natural wood underneath, and finished it off with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  Adorable!!!

These peices just seem to tell a story.  They're clearly not something you'll find in everyones home and that's what makes them unique.  The little imperfections in my opinion are what give these peices character and that feeling of history, therefore I try not to make them perfect.  I don't always fill in the cracks or fix the nicks and bumps because I like things that aren't perfect...they're beautiful!  Here's some other antiqued, chippy furniture I've completed!! ENJOY

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  1. I think your client will be very much amazed about what you did with this table, my friend. He can totally make good use of this as it is looking fine now. It’s a little sad that it has been taken away from you, though. On the brighter side, there are still so many unused furniture that you can refurbish and turn into something as amazing as this.

    Gerry Bossier