Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kids chairs have so much charm!

 I found this adorable little kids chair out garage saling a few weeks ago...apparently there was a matching table but someone had already taken it.  Such a unique little peice...cute in purple however just too many layers of paint and not a whole lot of character.  I took it home and was so excited I started to sand instantly.  All those layers of paint took forever, and of course with all the little groves and spindle legs most of it had to be done by hand.  I thought of stripping it completely but I ended up leaving little bits of paint underneath that would show through and add some texture.

 Initially I was thinking something girly like another shade of pink or purple but I'm in love with this gorgeous duck egg blue and figured it could be used for a boy or a girl or even a little accent chair in an adults room.  So I got started adding some cream, some blue, some dark wax and antiquing a little so the purple and brown underneath showed through.  In no time this turned into a jem...just love it!  Well it didn't last long and happened to pair quite well with a little cream vanity I had painted.  A friend of mine bought it for her little girls room! 

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