Monday, 10 September 2012


Wow am I exhausted and in need of a manicure and a massage.  I've been a busy bee and am ready for a break, however not for another 2 weeks.  The market is at All through the house in Okotoks on Saturday September 22 and 23rd from 10-5 pm.  Until then any new projects will be a surprise and you'll have to come check them out yourself.

Also I've had some people show interest in peices and just wanted to let you know that all my peices will be going in the market next friday so if you have something you'd like you've gotta let me know before then or else it'll be going in and will hopefully sell.

I'm excited and nervous and I really hope that all my hard work pays off!  It's been a fun and exciting process and I love seeing the transformations in furniture.  However, I just don't have the space to keep all these beauties. Hope to see you there!!!

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